IRS Form 8379: Injured Spouse Allocation

What is ‘IRS Form 8379: Injured Spouse Allocation’ If married spouses file a joint tax return and any overpayment is applied to one party’s past tax obligations, the “injured” spouse […]

Pay Czar Clause

DEFINITION of ‘Pay Czar Clause’ A pay czar clause is a buzzword describing a clause found in financial institutions’ employment contracts that would subject compensation terms to the U.S. government’s […]

Robert W. Fogel

Who was ‘Robert W. Fogel’ Robert W. Fogel was an economic historian and economist who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for applying theory and quantitative methods to economic history. An […]


What is a ‘SEC Form DEFM14C’ SEC Form DEFM14C is a form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by a registrant intending to be part of a merger […]

Duplicate Proxy

DEFINITION of ‘Duplicate Proxy’ A duplicate proxy is a second voting proxy that allows a shareholder to override a submitted vote. In the case of duplicates, only the most recent […]

SEC Form N-3

What is ‘SEC Form N-3’ SEC Form N-3 is a form filed with the SEC by insurance company separate accounts organized as management investment companies offering variable annuities. The form […]

Strategies for part-time forex traders

Very few people are available to trade forex full time. Traders who have to make their trades at work, lunch or night find that with such a fluid market, trading […]

Revenue-Based Financing

What is ‘Revenue-Based Financing’ Revenue-based financing, also known as royalty-based financing, is a method of raising capital for a business from investors who receive a percentage of the enterprise’s ongoing […]

Service Mark

What is a ‘Service Mark’ A service mark is a brand name or logo that identifies the provider of a service. A service mark may consist of a word, phrase, […]

Nonconvertible debentures versus fixed deposits

A: Debentures and fixed deposits are two different ways of investing money through financial instruments. A debenture is an unsecured bond. Essentially, it is a bond that is not backed […]

Mountain Range Options

DEFINITION of ‘Mountain Range Options’ Mountain range options are a family of exotic options based on multiple underlying securities. Mountain range options were first created by French securities firm Société […]


DEFINITION of ‘Ex-Warrant’ Ex-warrant describes a condition when the trading of an equity security occurs when a warrant has been declared but not distributed. In this case, the seller of a […]

How to Owe Nothing on Your Federal Tax Return

The way you fill out the W-4 form that you turn in to your employer when you start a new job determines how much income tax you will have withheld from each paycheck, which […]