Economies of Scale

Loading the player… What are ‘Economies of Scale’ Economies of scale refer to reduced costs per unit that arise from increased total output of a product. For example, a larger factory […]

Academy of Accounting Historians

DEFINITION of ‘Academy of Accounting Historians’ Academy of Accounting Historians (AAH) is a section of the American Accounting Association (AAA) that publishes scholarly research on the history of accounting. It […]

Expiration Date (Derivatives)

What is an ‘Expiration Date (Derivatives)’ An expiration date in derivatives is the last day that a derivative, such as options or futures, is valid. On or before this day investors will […]

Overnight Index Swap

What is an ‘Overnight Index Swap’ Overnight index swaps are an interest rate swap involving the overnight rate being exchanged for a fixed interest rate. An overnight index swap uses […]

Should You Close Your Credit Card?

With an ever-rising cost of living and high credit card interest rates, some consumers may attempt to limit their debt by closing credit cards. In addition, there are several other reasons […]

Foreign Qualification

What is ‘Foreign Qualification’? Foreign qualification provides legal permission for a corporation to do business in a state other than the state in which the company was formed; its home […]

Centre For European Policy Studies (CEPS)

What is ‘Centre For European Policy Studies (CEPS)’ The Centre For European Policy Studies (CEPS) is an organization started to debate and research European Union affairs. It is a collaboration […]

Unlevered Free Cash Flow – UFCF

Loading the player… What is ‘Unlevered Free Cash Flow – UFCF’ Unlevered free cash flow (UFCF) is a company’s cash flow before taking interest payments into account. Unlevered free cash […]

Limited Convertibility

What is ‘Limited Convertibility’ Limited Convertibility refers to a situation in which government regulations prevent the free conversion of the home currency into a foreign one. Because the government is only […]

Floor Area Ratio – FAR

What is the ‘Floor Area Ratio – FAR’ The floor area ratio (FAR) is the relationship between the total amount of usable floor area that a building has, or has […]

Exon-Florio Provision

DEFINITION of ‘Exon-Florio Provision’ Exon-Florio Provision is a provision that allows the president of the United States to suspend or block the foreign acquisition of a U.S.-based company for reasons […]

Share Premium Account

Loading the player… What is a ‘Share Premium Account’ A share premium account is typically listed on a company’s balance sheet. This account is credited for money paid, or promised to […]

Lagged Reserves

What is ‘Lagged Reserves’ Lagged Reserves is a method of bank reserve calculation whereby the financial institution is required to keep a certain level of reserves with a Federal Reserve […]

Federal Depository Libraries

DEFINITION of ‘Federal Depository Libraries’ Federal Depository Libraries through the United States and its territories where federal publications and other information products are made available for free public use. In […]

Net Free Reserves

DEFINITION of ‘Net Free Reserves’ Net Free Reserves was a statistic that was released in Weekly Federal Reserve data showing the amount of money a bank holds above the required […]

Debit Note

Loading the player… What is a ‘Debit Note’ A debit note is a document used by a vendor to inform the buyer of current debt obligations, or a document created […]

White List States

DEFINITION of ‘White List States’ White List States are the group of U.S. states that permit the addition of specialized liability or property coverage by a non-admitted insurer in the […]

Net Debt To EBITDA Ratio

Loading the player… What is the ‘Net Debt To EBITDA Ratio’ The net debt to earnings before interest depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) ratio is a measurement of leverage, calculated as […]


Loading the player… What is ‘Sprexit’ Sprexit, or SPanish euRo exit, is the possible case of Spain leaving the euro common currency and re-establishing its own separate, sovereign currency such […]


What is a ‘Retract’ Retract means withdrawing a bid, offer or statement before any relevant party acts on the information provided. For example, it’s common practice in real estate transactions to […]