Will This 1 Thing Upend Your Finances in Retirement?

Though many workers look forward to retirement it can be a financially challenging period of life Suddenly there you are moving from a steady paycheck to a limited income you might struggle to boost as needed That s why it pays to go into retirement with as little debt as
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The 1 Stock You've Been Overlooking for Your Roth IRA

The Roth IRA is an amazingly powerful way to save for retirement You may not get the tax savings now that come along with contributions to a 401 k or traditional IRA but when you retire and start tapping it for income every dime you take out is 100 tax free That makes the Roth
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Better Marijuana Stock: MariMed vs. Organigram Holdings

Investors have flocked to Canadian marijuana stocks But the U S cannabis market is much larger than that of its northern neighbor The problem of course is that the sale of marijuana remains illegal at the federal level in the U S while Canada has officially legalized both medical
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3 Reasons Cara Therapeutics Is a Great Pick for Aggressive Investors

Are you an aggressive investor You might be one even if you haven t thought of yourself as such Aggressive investors are willing to take on a higher level of risk in the hopes of generating an even higher return Just how aggressive of an investor you actually are depends on how high of
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3 Hot Trends Warren Buffett Is Missing Out On — But You Don't Have To

You have an investing advantage over Warren Buffett No seriously you really do Buffett has admitted that he regrets not buying Google parent Alphabet NASDAQ GOOG NASDAQ GOOGL and Amazon com 160 years ago And he s only been a big buyer of Apple stock in the
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Here's How the Rich Avoided Paying $149 Billion in Social Security Payroll Tax in 2016

Social Security is vital social program that most elderly Americans simply couldn t live without According to data from the horse s mouth the Social Security Administration some 62 of retired workers lean on their monthly check to provide at least half of their income In turn
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Better Buy: Shopify vs. Square

E commerce has been a boon for some companies but has left many small businesses wondering how to adapt Luckily for them Square NYSE SQ and Shopify NYSE SHOP 160 make it very simple and affordable for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to quickly adapt to
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Here's Another Reason Why So Many Students Are Graduating College With Mountains of Debt

Though college graduates have grappled with educational debt for years the student loan crisis is getting out of hand The average Class of 2017 graduate came away owing 39 400 All told Americans are on the hook for nearly 1 5 trillion in student loans It s easy to blame
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Instead of Q2 2018 Results, Zoe's Kitchen Announces It's Going Private

After a couple of years of same store sales declines the restaurant industry has been able to stop some of the bleeding so far this year Falling foot traffic continues to be a problem but many chains have been able to offset modest traffic declines with slightly higher menu
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Tech Stocks This Week: Square Hits New High and NVIDIA Falls

Two of the most intriguing stories in tech this week include the impressive success of Square s NYSE SQ Cash App a peer to peer payment service and chipmaker NVIDIA s NASDAQ NVDA earnings Headlines for both companies sent their stocks in opposite directions Here
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Intel's Memory Business Is Still Losing Money

As part of its growth strategy chip giant Intel NASDAQ INTC is betting big on its non volatile memory solutions group or NSG for short This segment the company says offers Intel Optane and Intel 3D NAND technologies which drive innovation in solid state drives SSDs and
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3 Money Mistakes Baby Boomers Are Making

The oldest baby boomers have already made their transition into retirement and the youngest are on their way They now face the prospect of some well deserved R amp R after several decades in the workforce but poor financial planning could derail that for some Baby boomers are
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3 Money Mistakes Gen Xers Are Making

Generation Xers don t get a lot of attention They tend to be overshadowed by their millennial or Generation Z children and some are even willing to sacrifice their retirement savings in order to ensure that their children can get a college education without ending up buried in debt
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Snap Still Has Big Problems Despite Earnings Beat

Snap NYSE SNAP investors had second thoughts about the messaging app s second quarter earnings results Shareholders initially sent Snap stock soaring after hours on the news that it beat revenue estimates and narrowed losses more than expected but the next day they reversed
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Can Amazon Help Twitch Become a $1 Billion Business?

Amazon NASDAQ AMZN bought Twitch in 2014 for about 1 billion Back then the streaming video platform focused solely on live video game streaming But Amazon has expanded into content categories including cooking crafts and more recently live sports The moves have paid off
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Dow Jumps 1.4% This Week on Potential Trade Talks

Another potentially positive piece of trade news on Friday helped stocks to finish this crazy week in the green 160 Now it looks like the U S and China are working on a summit between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in November This comes just one day after news
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A Rule Breaker Bonus: Gatherings Guru Priya Parker

Earlier this month Motley Fool co founder David Gardner interviewed Priya Parker founder of Thrive Labs and author of the book The Art of Gathering How We Meet and Why It Matters Her speciality is in teaching people how to transform the way we gather together and
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Sell, Sell, Sell! How and When to Know It’s Time to Sell a Stock

In this episode of Motley Fool Answers hosts Robert Brokamp and Alison Southwick want to focus on one question but it s a big one especially for long term Foolish style investors When should you sell a stock To provide the answer they ve tapped or is it taped a
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Authors in August: Talking About Storycraft With Novelist Amor Towle

Motley Fool co founder David Gardner spends a lot of time focused on helping us all invest better and his not so secret goal underneath that is to help us all live better That s why he began the Rule Breaker Investing podcast s Authors in August theme with a couple
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ETF vs Index Mutual Fund: Which One's Better?

Investors who are just getting their feet wet in the stock market are often told that the simplest way to start investing is to buy an index fund or ETF 160 short for exchange traded fund But that s not very helpful if you don t know the difference between an index fund
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