NAPCO Has Considerable Upside

NAPCO (NSSC) is a manufacturer of security products like access control systems, door security products, intrusion and fire alarm systems, and video surveillance systems for commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, and […]

Sarepta Therapeutics: Chasing The Good News

Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) attracted my interest earlier this year. In March, I looked at the prospects for the shares, in an article named: “Many Drivers For 2018.” I noted that […]

Doug Noland’s Unfolding Instability Thesis

On the radio program this week, John Rubino substitutes for host Jay Taylor who is vacationing. John will interview first time guest Doug Noland and frequent guest Michael Oliver. Doug […]

Vici Properties: Beyond Caesar

A couple of months ago, I wrote my first article on Vici Properties (VICI) where I said, In the conference call, management suggested that it is actively looking to make […]

The Boring Beauty Of B2B Distribution

By George Evans, CIO, Equities and Portfolio Manager and Alice Fricke, Senior Client Portfolio Manager As the FAANG stocks1 hit new highs and investor enthusiasm for all things tech continues, […]

Corporations Don’t Invest Enough

Remember secular stagnation? This is the theory that Larry Summers revived and updated which argues that there has been a secular shift in equilibrium real interest rates which is depressing […]

Good News, Bad News

I continue to be fascinated with the trials and tribulations of emerging markets in a world where Fed tightening actually means tightening or, more to the point, in a world […]