Accrual Swap

DEFINITION of ‘Accrual Swap’ An accrual swap is a type of interest rate swap in which the interest on one side accrues only if certain conditions are met. Payment of […]

Biotech Compound

WHAT IS ‘Biotech Compound’ Biotech compound refers to a chemical that shows potential for therapeutic application in the earliest stage of the development process. This stage is known as the […]

Filing Extension

WHAT IS ‘Filing Extension’ A filing extension is an exemption made to both individual taxpayers and businesses that are unable to file a tax return by the due date. Individuals […]

Add-On Factor

DEFINITION of ‘Add-On Factor’ The add-on factor is the number of usable square feet in a commercial property divided by the number of rentable square feet. The result of this […]

Single Net Lease

DEFINITION of ‘Single Net Lease’ A single net lease is a commercial real estate lease agreement in which the tenant agrees to pay property taxes in addition to rent. A […]

Forward Commitment

DEFINITION of ‘Forward Commitment’ A forward commitment refers to a contractual agreement to between a buyer and seller. A forward commitment will specify the commodity or good being sold, the […]

Flow Derivative

DEFINITION of ‘Flow Derivative’ A flow derivative is a securitized product that aims to provide maximum leverage to profit from small movements in the market value of the underlying. Flow […]

Samsonite CEO Ramesh Tainwala Resigns

By Steven Russolillo and Kenan Machado May 31, 2018 8:42 p.m. ET Samsonite International SA 1910 -12.70% said Friday its chief executive has resigned effective immediately, a week after a […]