Mustard Seed

What is a ‘Mustard Seed’ A mustard seed refers to an economic event that could eventually trigger economic recovery. Such events generally seem small or insignificant but could either signal […]


What is a ‘Transumer’ Transumers are customers whose purchasing decisions value experience over ownership. Marketers often target transumers by offering products on a rental basis or in situations uniquely conducive […]

Lending Freeze

What is a ‘Lending Freeze’ A lending freeze occurs when banks implement requirements around loan qualifications to reduce the number of new loans they underwrite. Banks use such methods to […]

Unitary Thrift

What is a ‘Unitary Thrift’ A unitary thrift is a chartered holding company that controls a single thrift entity. Historically unitary thrifts could engage in a broader range of activities than […]

Jack Ma’s Ant Raises $14 Billion

By Stella Yifan Xie and Julie Steinberg June 7, 2018 11:27 p.m. ET HONG KONG—Jack Ma’s financial-technology giant has solidified its position as one of the world’s most valuable private […]

ACCRA Cost Of Living Index – COLI

What is the ‘ACCRA Cost Of Living Index – COLI’ The ACCRA Cost of Living Index is a dataset containing key living costs compiled by the Council for Community and […]

Economic Tsunami

What is ‘Economic Tsunami’ An economic tsunami is a widespread set of economic troubles caused by a single significant event. The downstream effects of economic tsunamis generally spread to broad […]

Why Nektar Therapeutics Stock Stumbled 11.8% Today

What happened After getting hammered following a disappointing update on the efficacy of NKTR-214 in cancer patients, shares in Nektar Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NKTR) rebounded following a bullish presentation by […]

Cross-Currency Swap

Loading the player… What is a ‘Cross-Currency Swap’ Cross-currency swaps are an over-the-counter derivative in a form of an agreement between two parties to exchange interest payments and principal denominated in two […]