Catastrophe Futures

What is ‘Catastrophe Futures’ Catastrophe futures are futures contracts traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). These futures contracts are used by insurance companies to protect themselves against future […]

Business Auto Coverage Form

What is ‘Business Auto Coverage Form’ The business auto coverage form is an insurance form that insurers provide to business owners when creating a contract to provide insurance coverage for […]

Accelerated Option

What is ‘Accelerated Option’ An accelerated option in an insurance contract, usually in the form of a rider, allows for accelerated benefits or partial benefits sooner than they would otherwise be payable. […]

DNotes 2.0 Now Listed on Mercatox Exchange

DNotes Global, Inc. has announced that its cryptocurrency under management, DNotes is now trading on the Mercatox digital currency exchange. CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / JUNE 9, 2018 / DNotes […]

Adoption Credit

What is an ‘Adoption Credit’ An adoption credit is a federal tax credit that may be claimed by federal taxpayers who incur qualifying expenses to adopt an eligible child. Qualifying […]

Pledging Requirement

DEFINITION of ‘Pledging Requirement’ Pledging Requirement is any legal or bureaucratic requirement that securities be pledged as collateral for public fund deposits or other specific deposits. These securities must be […]

Water Quality Improvement Act Of 1970

DEFINITION of ‘Water Quality Improvement Act Of 1970 ‘ Water Quality Improvement Act Of 1970 is legislation that expanded the federal government’s authority over water quality standards and water polluters. […]

McFadden Act

DEFINITION of ‘McFadden Act’ The McFadden Act is Federal legislation that gave individual states the authority to govern bank branches located within the state. This includes branches of national banks […]

Underemployment Equilibrium

DEFINITION of ‘Underemployment Equilibrium’ Underemployment Equilibrium is a condition where underemployment in an economy is persistently above the norm and has entered an equilibrium state. This, in turn, is a […]


DEFINITION of ‘Smishing’ The use of SMS (short messaging services) technology to phish for individuals’ sensitive personal information, such as Social Security numbers or user names and passwords for online […]

Registered Retirement Income Fund – RRIF

DEFINITION of ‘Registered Retirement Income Fund – RRIF’ Registered Retirement Income Fund – RRIF is a retirement fund similar to an annuity contract that pays out income to a beneficiary […]

Retirement of Securities

DEFINITION of ‘Retirement of Securities’ Retirement of Securities is the cancellation of stocks or bonds because the issuer has bought them back, or because its maturity date has been reached. BREAKING […]

Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement – GSRA

DEFINITION of ‘Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement – GSRA’ Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement – GSRA is a Canadian retirement plan for individuals who are not employees of a local, provincial or federal government […]

Spousal IRA

DEFINITION of ‘Spousal IRA’ A spousal IRA is a type of individual retirement account that allows a working spouse to contribute to a nonworking spouse’s retirement savings. This creates an […]