Erroneous Trade

What is an ‘Erroneous Trade’ An erroneous trade is a stock transaction that deviates so much from the current market price that it is considered wrong. Erroneous trades are caused […]

SEC Form 424A

What is ‘SEC Form 424A’ The SEC Form 424A is a prospectus form that a company must file if it has made significant changes to a previously-filed prospectus submitted as […]

American Academy Of Financial Management – AAFM

What is the ‘American Academy Of Financial Management – AAFM’ The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) is an organization with members spanning more than 151 countries across the globe […]

Swaption (Swap Option)

What is a ‘Swaption (Swap Option)’ A swaption (swap option) is the option to enter into an interest rate swap or some other type of swap. In exchange for an […]