John T. Dillon

Who is ‘John T. Dillon’ John T. Dillon is a senior managing director with Evercore Inc. and is a former President, Chairman of the Board and CEO of International Paper Co., […]

William Dillard II

Who is ‘William Dillard II’ William Dillard II is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Dillard’s Inc., a chain of department stores based in Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s the […]

WPP Has a New Rival: Its Founder

By Nick Kostov July 10, 2018 4:00 p.m. ET WPP WPP 1.75% PLC said Tuesday its former Chief Executive Martin Sorrell has jeopardized his right to share awards worth around […]

Marginal Profit

What is ‘Marginal Profit’ Marginal profit is the profit earned by a firm or individual when one additional (marginal) unit is produced and sold. It is the difference between marginal cost and […]

Variable Overhead

What is a ‘Variable Overhead’ Variable overhead is the indirect cost of operating a business, which fluctuates with manufacturing activity. For example, while most overhead costs, such as rent, salaries […]


What is ‘Platykurtic’ Platykurtic describes a particular statistical distribution with thinner tails than a normal distribution. Because this distribution has thin tails, it has fewer outliers (e.g., extreme values three […]

Labor Theory Of Value

What is the ‘Labor Theory Of Value ‘ The labor theory of value (LTV) was an early attempt by economists to explain why goods were exchanged for certain relative prices […]

Federal Discount Rate

Loading the player… What is the ‘Federal Discount Rate’ The federal discount rate is the interest rate set by central banks, in the U.S. by the Federal Reserve on loans […]

BrainChip Names James Roe Director of North American Sales

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BrainChip Holdings Ltd. (“BrainChip” or the “Company”) (ASX:BRN), a leading developer of software and hardware accelerated solutions for advanced artificial intelligence (AI) […]


What is a ‘Pitchbook’ A pitchbook is a sales book created by an investment bank or firm that details the main attributes of the firm, and it is used by […]