Dopamine and the Weather, Part 2

(0:45) – The Century of Biology (8:00) – Wonderful Dopamine: The Attention Drug (21:30) – Memory, Emotion and Learning Complete the Loop (33:00) – Dopamine in the Noisy Concert of Consciousness (39:05) – The Cerebral Symphony: Arouse, Orient, Detect, Execute […]

Patrick J. Moore

Who is ‘Patrick J. Moore’ Patrick J. Moore became chairman and CEO of Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation in 2002. Born in 1954 in Chicago, Moore joined the company in 1987, when […]

Presidential Election Cycle Theory

What is ‘Presidential Election Cycle Theory’ The Presidential Election Cycle Theory is a theory developed by Yale Hirsch that states that U.S. stock markets are weakest in the year following […]