About Stocks News Feed

What are we and who we are… Stocks News Feed started out as a way for just us to get several stock news and press releases in one place.

Little by little we figured others might enjoy using StocksNewsFeed as well. We recently expanded the website into:

User profiles – Create your Profile and tell everyone a little about yourself.

Activity Streams, Show the website activity posted by other users.

Stocks Forums to chat and share information about stocks, each stock has it’s own forum for discussion.

Groups, (Public and Private) so you can chat with other with similar interest.

Catalyst Calendar, A great User submitted feature that allows users to submit upcoming stock catalyst.

Some of the other feature are, notifications, internal emails and obviously the Stock Market News, which are pulled from several great sources to keep you up-to-date.

If you have not yet registered and created a profile, you might be seeing a cached version of the webpage which might not be current information. We encourage you to register and create a login. Logged in users do not see a cached version. We have to cache the pages for non-registered users to cut down on bandwidth and processor usage.

We welcome and encourage your feedback as to how we can better your experience and sharing of information.

By the way, we are traders just like you. We actively daytrade every day, sometimes swing trade, and play options. So by all means, please do share information as we are always looking to improve and better our trading skills.