Christina Szekeres Announces the Launch of Fast Lane Profits – Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed

Szekeres’ interest in affiliate marketing began when she was a young teenager growing up in Hungary. When her father lost his job seven years ago and was understandably devastated and deeply depressed, Szekeres said she knew she had to help her family to survive.

At the age of 21, Szekeres stepped into become the breadwinner for her family. She knew there was money to be made with affiliate marketing, and she transformed her long-time interest in the topic into a real business.

“I set myself the goal to pay off my dad’s mortgages-he had mortgages for three different properties-so we no longer had to worry about that time of the month when the bills were due,” she said, adding that not having the money to pay the bills, combined with the fear of losing their home made this a very stressful time.

“It took me about 6 months, but I managed to pay it all off, thanks to affiliate marketing.”

Now, seven years later, Szekeres is traveling the world and her dad lives in the United States; she is proud to say he is CFO of her business.

“I want to impact at least 1,000 people’s lives with my course and allow them to break out of the rat race, because if I could do it as a young girl with no money from Hungary, anyone can do it.”

About Christina Szekeres:

Christina Szekeres is a digital entrepreneur, consultant and global speaker. With more than 14 years of experience in performance marketing and outsmarting digital algorithms, she has become a highly sought after mastermind and inspiration for many to pursue careers in ad tech and digital marketing. Szekeres is also the brains and wits behind the powerful IMQueen brand. For more information, please visit



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