‘Absolutely Paramount’: Bear Bull Traders Pushes Community Aspect Of Trading

Benzinga is highlighting nominees for the fifth annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards ahead of the event Nov. 19 in New York City.

One nominee is Bear Bull Traders, a trading education community.


Founded in 2016, the Vancouver-based trading community addresses aspects of trading like risk management, long-term investing, index investing and swing trading in mentorship-driven education courses.

Overall, the mission of Bear Bull Traders is to zero in and focus on the community aspect of trading.

Recent Developments

The firm recently held a New York City meetup during which Dr. Brett Steenbarger, a clinical psychologist and active trader, held a conversation on trading psychology and trading spirituality, connecting with traders and bolstering support on a personal level.

“These types of combined networking and learning events are a regular occurence in the Bear Bull Traders family (#BBTFamily),” Bear Bull Traders said in a statement to Benzinga. 

“Since trading can be a very solitary and at times [an] emotionally overwhelming experience, having a community to rely on and interact with is absolutely paramount. This is the reason behind virtually everything that Bear Bull Traders does.”

Going Forward

Bear Bull Traders aims to further bolster the community and provide access to value-add education and support.

“Aside from in-person meetups, live trade reviews held multiple times each week and their live chat room, Bear Bull Traders offers a suite of educational videos and experiences for any level of trader,” a company representative said. 

With a membership, traders receive access to a 24/7 online education center and library of almost 10,000 forum postings.

“Every member, from the beginner trader to the most seasoned, will always be able to learn something new each time they log in to this wonderful community of traders and trading enthusiasts.”

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