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The “Global
Seed Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2019 – 2024)”

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The seeds market is valued at USD 59.71 billion in 2018 and is expected
to register USD 90.37 billion in 2024 witnessing a CAGR of 7.9% during
the forecast period 2019-2024.

In 2018, North America was the largest geographical segment of the
market studied and accounted for a share of around 35% of the market.

The growing demand for grains, oils, and vegetables is a significant
driver for the seeds market. The global population reached over 7.6
billion in 2018 and is expected to reach 9.9 billion by 2050. As a
result, the global demand for food is likely to increase by 70%, due to
rapid population growth, urbanization, and changing diets.

Grains represent the biggest portion of daily calorie intake in
developing countries of the Middle East & Africa, Asia/Oceania, and CIS,
and therefore, the demand for grains is going to be one of the most
critical drivers of the market studied.

Scope of the Report

A seed is the ripened fertilized ovule of a flowering plant containing
an embryo and capable normally of germination to produce a new plant.
For the purpose of this report, seeds have been defined as the seeds for
sowing at farmer level. In this report market sizing has been at the
farmer level.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of various parameters of the
seeds market. The market has been segmented based on the type of
product, crop, and also based on geography. Also, relevant
sub-segmentations have been discussed in the report.

Key Market Trends

Increasing Usage of Biofuels

The massive increase in the demand for biofuel is majorly determined by
the very large subsidies provided in many western countries, which have
been simultaneously increasing the subsidization of biofuel, along with
a reduction in subsidies on food cultivation. The production of global
biofuels increased by almost 150%, between 2004 and 2010, from 42
billion liters to 104 billion liters, respectively. As per an FAO
report, the biofuel boom had a major impact on the evolution of world
food demand for cereals and vegetable oils. Moreover, it states that
without biofuel, the growth rate of world cereal consumption is equal to
1.3%, as compared to 1.8% of biofuel. This acts as a major driving force
for the expanding market under study.

North America Dominates the Market

The North American seeds market was valued at USD 20.91 billion in 2018,
serving the farmers mainly in grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and
oil and forage crops. The market is expected to reach USD 30.9 billion
by 2024 and is estimated to register a CAGR of 6.46%, during the
forecast period. North America is the largest commercial seeds market,
accounting for more than 35% of the market share.

Competitive Landscape

The seeds market is moderately consolidated, with the top 8 companies
accounting for around 50% of the market, while rest is accounted through
local companies. The market is expected to get more consolidated once
the recent acquisitions take full effect on the company’s operations and

Monsanto, Vilmorin & Cie., Syngenta, DowDupont Inc, Bayer, and DLF Seeds
are some major companies in the market.

Key Topics Covered:





4.1 Market Overview

4.1.1 Introduction Hybrid seeds GM Seeds Impact of Technology on Seed Industry

4.2 Market Drivers

4.3 Market Restraints

4.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis


5.1 By Product

5.1.1 Non-GM/Hybrid Seeds

5.1.2 GM Seeds Herbicide Tolerant Insect Resistant Abiotic Stress Resistant Other Stacked Traits

5.1.3 Varietal Seeds

5.2 By Crop

5.2.1 Grains & Cereals Maize (Corn) Rice Wheat Sorghum

5.2.2 Oilseeds Soybean Sunflower Cotton Canola

5.2.3 Vegetable Seeds Solanaceae Cucurbit Roots & Bulbs Brassica Other Vegetable Seeds

5.2.4 Other Seeds

5.3 Geography


6.1 Most Adopted Competitor Strategies

6.2 Market Share Analysis

6.3 Company Profiles

6.3.1 Monsanto Company

6.3.2 Groupe Limagrain

6.3.3 Syngenta AG

6.3.4 Dow-Dupont Inc.

6.3.5 Land O’Lakes

6.3.6 KWS AG

6.3.7 Bayer CropScience

6.3.8 Sakata Seed

6.3.9 Takii Seed

6.3.10 DLF-Trifolium


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