LEARNING FROM THE BEST – Residential Assisted Living National Convention 2019 Gets Bigger and Better

PHOENIX, Ariz., May 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The 3-day power-packed event, October 3rd – 5th, has a line up of 27 speakers, including New York Times bestselling author Harry S. Dent. He studied economics before publishing 14 books about economic planning and forecasting. He also earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and speaks to executives, financial advisors, and investors worldwide. Harry S. Dent has been featured as a guest contributor on “Good Morning America,” PBS, CNBC, and FOX Business’s American Nightly Scorecard. His content is cited in countless publications, such as U.S. News and World Report, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal. His 1992 publication, The Great Boom Ahead, independently forecasted the unanticipated boom of the 1990s. Many of the richest Americans in history have used similar economic forecasting techniques, accumulating large sums of wealth in a short period of time.

In addition to Harry S. Dent, RAL NAT CON 2019 will host over 30 educational sessions, 50 companies sharing products and services, private lenders, portfolio managers, syndication specialists and finance experts, including SBA, SD-IRA administrators and crowdfunding. The 3rd annual cutting-edge event is set to be bigger and better than previously sold out RAL conventions.

RAL product and service providers, operators, investors and owners will network and engage solutions on a national platform. We are reconvening for the only nationwide convention focusing exclusively on all things residential assisted living. Sessions include a scope of Secrets to Staffing, Finding, Training, and Retaining, Funding Your Home and Business, and The Best Marketing Methods to Fill Your Home Fast. Sunday, October 6th is a bonus session with Gene Guarino of RAL Academy offering training to individuals interesting in learning more about the industry.

Extreme Early Registration is open now.

SOURCE Residential Assisted Living National Association

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