Major TV Network is Slated to Turn Best-Selling Nigerian Children’s Book Author’s Book Series into an Educational Cartoon Series for Young Children

HOUSTON, March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Dr. Peter Isikwe, author of the children’s book series Jack’s Awesome Adventure ( Peter introduces a unique style of education and imagination into his writing while splashing diversity and hip-hop into it as well. Peter has recently finished his latest children’s book in his educational book series, and now is turning it into a cartoon series for young children to view everywhere. Dr. Isikwe’s book series is full of imagination and creativity for early readers.   He’s had a chance to tour across the US, Nigeria and even London for his last book while working with educators, teachers, and librarians amongst the few. Peter turned in my mortar & pestle and white coat to pursue his passion for writing children’s book. For those who do not what that is, pharmacist use it to make drug products.

“My diverse background and cultured upbringing even my love of hip hop gave way to my interesting obsession with literacy and education. The three have been instrumental in my life. Writing has always been a passion of mind. I enjoy writing books that provoke children’s sense of curiosity. Turning the book series into a cartoon series will be very exciting. Reading can stimulate imagination and adding education to it makes that event of reading more memorable for the young reader,” Peter says.

Leading by example for the culture was paramount for Peter growing up. The book series also helps to provide a resource to educators and parents that can be used in literacy. Diversity and culture are what Peter wanted to introduce to children’s literature. Dr. Isikwe plans on doing that in his writing, more importantly he plans on giving children a new outlook on reading. Jack’s Awesome Adventure is a children’s book that engages emerging readers to use their imagination as they join Jack on his awesome adventure. Peter stresses that we owe it to our youth to place an importance on reading early in life.

Peter states, “My whole experience is interesting, because most people where kind of shocked that I’m an author. Reading and education for me, was always seen in high praise. My next book in the Jack’s Awesome Adventure series comes out later this year. Breaking down barriers of misconceptions of people that look like me is a blessing; being the face of a new movement in hip-hop that not only encourages diverse intellectuals but creates avenues of spreading positive message to the youth is what I am most proud of.”

To learn more about Jack’s Awesome Adventure and Dr. Peter Isikwe visit his website at You can purchase a copy of Jack’s Awesome Adventure at Amazon.

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