More Labs, makers of successful liver detox drink Morning Recovery, announces the addition of hydration powder, Aqua+, to its line of supplement offerings

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — More Labs (, the science-backed brand behind Morning Recovery, today launches its third product, Aqua+, adding two SKUs to its line of functional offerings. Aqua+ is an oral rehydration solution designed to help hydrate users faster and more effectively than water alone. Distinguishing Aqua+ from other rehydration solutions is the added benefits. On top of electrolytes, Aqua+ Immunity includes vitamins to support immunity and Aqua+ Probiotics includes probiotics to support digestion.

Earlier this year, More Labs transitioned from a single product (Morning Recovery) to a suite of functional solutions, driven by its customer demand for products that solve modern-day stressors, such as dehydration. Aqua+ joins Morning Recovery, the liver-boosting supplement designed to help end rough mornings after consuming alcohol, and Liquid Focus, the smart drink designed to boost focus, memory, and concentration.

The Aqua+ launch marks the company’s expansion from solely ready-to-drink supplements to powder packs. Developed by More Labs’ in-house head of R&D, Dr. Fu Chen (a former FDA scientist), along with guidance from a scientific advisory board of medical doctors, Aqua+ was formulated for effective hydration with benefits, so you can make the most of your water and stay healthy and regular.

“75% of Americans are reportedly dehydrated on a regular basis, according to research. Therefore, a common misconception amongst consumers is that drinking more water will solve the problem, but science shows it’s more than that,” said Sisun Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of More Labs “Whether you’re training for a marathon or even just engaging in routine daily activities like walking, replacing the electrolytes you lose when you sweat is crucial to staying hydrated and operating at 100%.”

That’s where Aqua+ comes in. The electrolytes and added vitamins and probiotics help to rebalance and hydrate more effectively than water alone.

Aqua+ Probiotics contains two essential strains of probiotics that work together to influence overall digestive function. Paired with a synergistic balance of electrolytes, Aqua+ Probiotics is perfect for athletes, travelers, and anybody looking for a daily health and digestive boost. Aqua+ Immunity contains a balanced ratio of electrolytes plus seven essential vitamins that aid in energy metabolism and immune support.

Aqua+ is now available for purchase at to buy as a one-time purchase or subscribe and save. The convenient subscription and delivery model employed by More Labs makes it that much easier for customers to take control of their health, feel good, do more, and live better.

SOURCE More Labs

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