Vuuzle Media Corp Announced Today That Vuuzle Fight Network, Along With VuuzleCozmo Would Be Launching Exclusive Content Using Their Newest OTT Optronic 3D Software

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The top brass of Vuuzle Media Corp had a huge success at the iconic Caesars Palace Las Vegas which is known for wowing high-profile guests, positioning the red carpet, and hosting some of the biggest pay per view event’s in history. Caesars Palace hotel and Casino was established in 1966 by Jay Sarno, who sought to create an opulent facility that gave guests a sense of life during the Roman Empire. The convention facility of over 300,000 square feet (28,000 m2) has operated as a host venue for live music and sports entertainment. In addition to holding boxing matches since the late 1970s.

Vuuzle Media Corp C.T.O Prophecy Onassis said, “It is only fitting to have the new Vuuzle Fight Network premiered here on the red carpet at Cesar’s Palace as it has taken the stage with some of the greatest fights in history that were all assembled right here in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, like Sugar Ray Leonard in 1984, George Foreman and Ron Lyle in January 1976, Roberto Durán and Esteban de Jesús in January 1978, and in October 1980, Larry Holmes and The greatest of all Time, Muhammad Ali.

Ted Joseph C.E.O For Vuuzle Media Corp began his incredibly diverse 21-year-stint at Warner Bros. Records said, “music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations and dreams. We are building an entertainment company that plays to our strengths. Our entertainment businesses offers thousands of shows, movies and music including live video content such as hit television shows, news, sports and feature-length movies.”

Vuuzle Live streaming technology is now being widely used for entertainment on mobile phones, iPad’s, and television’s. Their new OTT service for television will provide live streaming in (HD) High Definition.

Vuuzle Media Corporation while at the red carpet announced their newest technology using secrete optronic equipment that organizes our visual web in 3D on all smart mobile phones, computers or any smart devices. Vuuzle Executives said, “the new software would also include augmented and virtual reality gaming that enables speed of light transactions for advertising and channel distribution over WIFI.

Tasha a former model and executive director of advertising for Vuuzle helped set up the red carpet event gave a special thank you to the Vuuzle team and a number of A listed celebrities including but not limited to,

Zab Judah-Former Undisputed Welter Weight Champion
Floyd Mayweather Sr-Floyd Mayweather father and trainer to many world champions
TMT (The money Team)-Floyd Mayweather trainers and entourage
Pintozzi-Smoked BBQ and Burgers (Venue) owner
The Vox Agency (Entrainment Agency)
Arielle Lives- Philippine TV host
Moses Miller-Business Extraordinaire
Destiny Rydas- Australian Music Artist

John Lamb, president and a Board of director for Vuuzle Media Corp said, “our platform is finally ready to use. Our Pioneer shareholders will begin earning dividends as we begin to scale up the services and bring on new users. There is no doubt with Viacom agreeing to buy ad-supported streaming service Pluto TV for $340 million while taking into consideration Vuuzle TV secured triple play live streaming and OTT Software coupled with Programmatic 3D mobile advertising the company is set to become a titan in OTT”.
The new optronic Clout Nine 3D software will be Integrated with CMS to UI and setup in AWS for storage and distribution of content. The Setup for CloudFront distribution will be directed to the S3 bucket serving as the output destination of the trans-coded files while Integrating CMS and custom trans-coding service to S3 and creating the output profiles crafted for 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p sizes covering android, iOS and flash including the CDN for management of Content.
Josh Flynn Vice President of Marketing said, “There is a very good reason that Disney, 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros, Entertainment and other media companies, have invested $200 million to get involved with NEWTV and OTT. Today people want access to content that they want to see not what they are being forced to watch or take when connected to cable tv.
Vuuzle Media Corp is a future powerhouse OTT triple play service soon to be a Nielsen rated platform via their partnership with licensed service providers. Vuuzle Media Corp will be Curating its own content. We will have new production facilities filled with real producers and directors creating new content, movies and music.
Vuuzle TV is already in production creating exclusive TV programing under “Vuuzle Fight Network” Boxing, “VuuzleCozmo” Modeling and a new show called the Groovy dance show set up as a take-off of the old Band Stand show that was hosted by Dick Clark or similar to the old Soul Train using dancers and famous artists and musicians.
Ron Johnson the American Dream Johnson will be hosting the first fight in Cleveland Ohio on Vuuzle Fight Network on February 23, 2019, as sanctioned with Cleveland boxing association.
Vuuzle Media Corp is a triple play company with Offices in Las Vegas, New York, Philippines, Dubai and Indonesia.


SOURCE Vuuzle Media Corp.

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