MOPIC Snap3D Turns Your Device Into a 3D Theater

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SUWON, South Korea–()–MOPIC‘s Snap3D has gained interest as the most innovative 3D/VR solution provider of the 4th Industrial Revolution. With the introduction of high-speed and massive data wireless transferring 5G technology, MOPIC’s customers will be able to have access to high-quality stereoscopic videos and AR contents anywhere and anytime by simply owning a Snap3D and a smartphone.

Snap3D is a 3D/VR viewer made in the form of a smartphone case, which allows users to enjoy a stereoscopic screen without the use of 3D glasses. Also, with Snap3D exclusive application, users may use this app-based case to not only enjoy 3D videos but also to play 3D games and capture 3D images. Snap3D can be used as a smartphone screen protector on a daily basis, and when viewing 3D videos, users may simply attach Snap3D onto the front screen to enjoy the stereoscopic view. The price does not exceed more than $30 USD (on eBay).

MOPIC’s 3D glasses-free 3D/VR solution, Snap3D allows easy use for numerous 3D/VR video viewers. By applying Snap3D to VOD platforms with a variety of genres in 3D/VR contents, customers can expect unlimited synergy results.

Snap3D is being sold in more than 10 countries around the world. By applying MOPIC’s solution to VOD platforms, endless possibilities of gaining potential users for the VOD platform can be achieved from a large pool of Snap3D users around the world.

MOPIC’s representative mentioned that, “Assured opportunities in applying MOPIC’s solution to VOD platforms will expand the existing limited target market of 3D TV consumers to a larger pool of smartphone consumers and that MOPIC has already prepared plug-ins that are applicable to 3D/VR VOD platforms.”

While leaving a strong impression in expressing their willingness to collaborate with content developing companies, the representative also added that, “3D/VR VOD platforms will find no reasons to refuse using the optimized 3D/VR video viewing solution provided by MOPIC.”

MOPIC has its own 3D/VR video player, the Mplayer3D, and its 3D image capturing application, the Mcamera 3D, and has released 3D games that are available for free on the App Store / Google Play.

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