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As The Deadline Looms For A New Accounting Standard, Many Banks Are Still Looking For Answers

A new accounting standard expected to be implemented this year has companies preparing for uncharted territories. In a response to the financial crisis and the realization that many financial institutions did not have the appropriate amount of cash reserves on their balance sheets to account for their credit risk, the Financial Accounting Standards Board enacted the Current Expected Credit Losses ... »

5 Years Later, The “Middle Ground” For Publicly Traded Banks Keeps Growing

Prior to 2012, a community bank had two options if it wanted to go public: IPO on an exchange or trade on what’s now known as the Pink Open Market. One of those options is capital intensive. The other comes with minimal financial standards and disclosure requirements. For many firms, neither is ideal. But that changed with the passing of the JOBS Act, which eased many SEC regulations on small busi... »