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3 Stocks to Tap the Stunning Profit Potential of Artificial Intelligence

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Zacks Member,

Today, in our own time, “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) is making the leap from science fiction to an investable technology, and it is completely transforming our economy.

The skies are already dotted with drones. Our roads will soon be packed with driverless cars.

At a rate that is increasing exponentially, this machine-based intelligence is learning from its environment, solving problems, and mimicking human cognitive and physical functions.

Artificial Intelligence Revenue Gaining Momentum

AI is now the hottest topic in the technology sector. Already estimated to be a $12 billion industry, it could skyrocket to a shocking $57.6 billion in just 3 years.

The First Trillionaires

According to famed entrepreneurial investor Mark Cuban, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from those who master AI.

“We will see more technological advances over the next 10 years than we have over the last 30. It’s just going to blow everything away.

If Cuban and others are on the mark about this, smaller-scale investors also stand to profit big-time from the explosion of knowledge and wealth.

But There Is One Big Fear. Missing Out.

Zacks 380% revenue explosion report - Cover

That’s why Zacks is releasing an urgent bonus Special Report, The 380% Revenue Explosion. It gives you a wealth of information on a phenomenon that is unfolding all around us and yet is hidden to the vast majority of investors.

Today you are invited to download a guided tour of stocks and ETFs in this space. Most importantly, you’ll zero in on Zacks’ 3 top stocks to tap profit potential that is historic in scope . . .

Investors who make the right moves early enough could make a ton of money.

Top Pick 1, Big Data Superstar: This company makes astronomically enhanced storage and speed more accessible to smaller marketers.

Top Pick 2, Robotics for Families: Smallish (for now), it offers tremendous upside by bringing affordable automation into everyday homes.

Top Pick 3, Large-Cap Jumping In: This growth machine already has a foothold in several AI-related industries with massive potential.

Now in case you’re wondering . . .

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