The Deal Coin, the Telephone and the 10th anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction.


The Deal Coin, the Telephone and the 10th anniversary of the first Bitcoin transaction.


“Mr Watson – Come here – I want to see you” were the first words spoken over the first telephone call by Alexander Graham Bell to his colleague in the next room on March 10th 1876. Who would have foreseen how this invention using a liquid transmitter would evolve into what we experience today in our constantly connected mobile world of social media and video calling? Machines that talk to each other and artificial intelligence are all made possible in a world of invisible communication networks.

10 years ago, today, Satoshi Nakomoto sent the first ever bitcoin transaction to Hal Finney, revolutionising the banking world forever. The bitcoin network has grown exponentially since and currently averages over $5 Billion in peer to peer payments each day. The world may have been slow to embrace this pioneering payment system but with adoption levels still only in the embryonic stages we are already seeing the potential that blockchain technology can bring to many industries including financial, supply chain, insurance, security, identity and legal to name just a few. With many banks now investing hundreds of millions into new blockchain patents and projects who knows what the next ten years will bring  thank you Satoshi !

The Deal Coin project launched in 2018 with a vision of revolutionising the peer to peer lending industry through its hybrid decentralised lending platform that will seamlessly incorporate blockchain technology, security and transparency. A new financial eco-system that will act as a wake-up call to the global finance sector.

Through the use of the latest blockchain technology, asset securitisation, insurance and legally binding smart contracts the platform will help lower the cost of finance and make it faster, fairer and easier for businesses to access funding wherever they are in the world. 

Our vision is to close the gap between lenders and borrowers and create a new eco-system which includes service providers working better, together such as legal, insurance, conveyancing, arbitration and debt collection. Through the removal of outdated and cumbersome processes and the costs levied by the financial institutions the platform will ensure a better deal for all.

Businesses will be able to raise finance through the securitisation and registration of their assets on our blockchain lending platform. Whether the asset is gold, property or even Bitcoin in the future we envisage businesses being able to raise finance in minutes rather than weeks or months.

The Deal Coin is the utility for the eco-system it will reward all partners who provide their services involved in the loan process. 

The team are proud to announce that on the 10th anniversary of the first peer to peer bitcoin transaction we have launched The Deal Coin on LAToken, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, where it is available to buy now. 

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