/R E P E A T — Winemakers Showcase Their Wines During October Tasting Tour across USA & Canada/

MONTREAL, Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – The APVSA “Association pour la Promotion des Vins et Spiritueux en Amérique du Nord” is organizing the third tour of the year for wine professionals to uncover the wines to suit their markets.

The APVSA is celebrating 20 years of connecting passionate winemakers to demanding buyers and traders.

Year-round, the APVSA organizes 40 wine tastings in big cities bringing producers to meet with buyers and to develop business relationship. Importers, distributors, agents, retailers and sommeliers. trust the APVSA since 1999 by bringing to them selected wines and spirits, to meet their expectations and to find the real rare pearl at an affordable price.

From October 8-18 the wine professionals will gather to chat with the vintners and taste their wines. Participants can meet with the winegrowers in private in order to negotiate an import, distribution or representation alternative.

The presented wines are a selection made by a panel of professionals during 3 blind tasting held during the year. Our next selection will take place in Chicago on November 21st. Wine professionals apply as wine jury.

During 2 weeks of October, winegrowers will bring to you near to 200 amazing wines from their production.

Coming to a city near you! All wine tastings are from 12pm to 5pm with the exception of Los Angeles.

  • New York City at Hotel Beacon – 10/08
  • Atlanta at Anis Café & Bistro – 10/09
  • Miami at National Hotel, Miami Beach – 10/10
  • Los Angeles at Restaurant Lucques – 10/11 from 11.30 pm to 4.30pm
  • San Francisco at One Market Restaurant – 10/14
  • Vancouver at Wedgewood Vancouver – 10/15
  • Winnipeg at Train Bar Bistro – 10/16
  • Toronto at Hotel Chelsea Toronto – 10/17
  • Montreal at the APVSA Tasting Room – 10/18

You Really Wine Me! Tasting Tour will stop in these nine cities and you are invited to taste varietal wines, red blends, sparkling whites, rosés and spirits.

Find the exhibitors product lists or visit our website.

Your access includes: Entry, all wine tasting, meeting with the vintners upon request at [email protected]

Admission for wine professionals. The participants are asked to present an industry business card to be allowed access.

Register at

SOURCE Association for the Promotion of Wines and Spirits in North America (APVSA)

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