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    LQMTLiquidmetal Technologies Stock Forum

    Liquidmetal Technologies claims to be a leading developer of bulk alloys that utilize the performance advantages offered by amorphous alloy technology. Amorphous alloys are unique materials that are distinguished by their ability to retain a random structure when they solidify, in contrast to the crystalline atomic structure that forms in ordinary metals and alloys. Liquidmetal Technologies is the first company to produce amorphous alloys in commercially viable bulk form, enabling significant improvements in products across a wide array of industries.

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    Stock chart looks sloppy, but this has bounced of the .10 mark before. Could it go lower, or bounce again? Problem is that it doesn’t seem to have any real viable product or production at the moment.


    Earnings were nothing out of this world. Sold off day after. They didn’t even give any future events that might give investors reasons to hold.


    Here is the 10K for LQMT Liquidmetal – https://liquidmetal.gcs-web.com/node/11486/html


    I was under the impression that the earnings was today on the 5th, but heard it was changed to Friday the 8th.


    Holding a decent size position onto the earnings. If the last quarter is an indication of that is to come, there should be a pleasant surprise in the earnings. They should soon complete he electrical power upgrade hopefully start major production and see some contracts roll in.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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