Morning Stock Prep for April 16th 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for April 16th 2019

    TSLA – Seems to have absorbed plenty of bad news and still there… Seems tired of being beat up and wants to fight back. Will Elon tweet something to get a move? Likes to bounce off these levels.
    ADNT – has had increasing volume and strong move. Might want to continue or pull back, but should be a mover in either direction. I would want to keep a watch on it. Has a 9% short interest, and might push a move into the gap above.
    LL – could be starting a decent move, volume did pick up yesterday. (Least favorite)

    PCG – Seems like it closed a gap, and started to pull back, did the same in late February, but i don’t expect a strong pullback, maybe $1.50 to $21.80 or so.
    EDAP – seems to have had a strong climb, but volume seems to have diminished, has a history of pulling back. Let’s see if it goes below $5, for an even stronger move down.
    CLVS – stopped a phase2 trial and started to pull back, might pull a little further.
    DKS – With some of the apparel stocks not doing so great, this might be a little too much risk and overbought. Has a history or pulling back. Not very high conviction.
    URBN – Seem to have hit the top of it’s downward channel, and started to trend down. Could want to test the SMA20 SMA 50 cross before starting to trend upwards to the SMA200. Stay tight, would only day trade to short side before taking a long position for the SMA200.
    ZGNX – Might have a little more downside from the FDA refusing to review its drug.

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