Morning Stock Prep for April 18th, 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep for April 18th, 2019

    Don’t forget the Market will be closed tomorrow April 19th 2019. Keep in mind that today the Market could act as a Friday.

    Yesterday we added a Stocks Catalyst Calendar where members can submit and post Catalyst that can cause some movement on stocks. We welcome you to post any catalyst you know about.

    Tip of the day, I would rather be rich, than right. To me this means that if the trade is not going in my direction, no matter what I think, get out. The stock market is not just about making money, it’s also about preserving your capital, making money is a side effect of preserving your capital. Don’t be afraid to take your losses and look for another opportunity to enter.

    The overall market seems a little tired and at highs. Yesterday we saw a gap up open and then pull all day. The last three months overall market volume has been down, which could give a little pullback in the overall markets. On most movers it seems that profit taking is quick.

    AMAG – Is in downwards channel, Might scare some people and retrace recent lows.
    BKD – Formed a triple bottom, below $6.20 might want to go below $6 or lower. I would wait for confirmation as it has bounced of these levels before.
    EDAP – Been on watch, Broke $5 yesterday, might go further into the lower $4’s.
    PCG – has been on watchlist before, might down continue one more day.
    VCEL – Sold off all day yesterday, closing at lows. Might continue. Below $16, has room to $14.
    ZGNX – Below $36, has room to $34

    The Cannabis market seems to be strong, CGC recently announce higher forecast and in works purchase acreage holdings.
    CGC – Pre-market mover, recent news and increased estimates on guidance, could move to $47’s or higher. Seems to have quite a bit of short which might have to cover.
    NEPT – Might want to test higher $4, but not very confident.
    PPC – going green with volume could give it a push over $26 and onto the $27’s.

    Premarket Movers:
    MBIO is up BIG – entered a licensing agreement with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to develop the lentiviral gene therapy for the treatment of “bubble boy” disease
    FBIO up around 50%
    CGC and BX up just under 10%

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    AMAG went lower by about 2.5%, Might still be a bullish trend for Monday
    BKD also went down some
    EDAP was choppy all day, might end about 1% on the Green side today.
    PCG dropped more than I expected.
    VCEL was extremely choppy, jumped up at ope, then dropped, and hopped around the VWAP
    ZGNX also choppy, up at open, dropped, and stayed around VWAP. About .5% down for the day.

    CGC, dropped from Pre-market, and stayed around VWAP, but sold into afternoon.
    NEPT 5% run to the green side.
    PPC ran to half day then came back to around VWAP

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