Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for 4/23/19

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for 4/23/19

    Markets are opening up some, lately when it opens up or down, they seem to reverse during the day, let’s see if it continues it’s pattern.

    CGC – Maybe room to 50, above $50 and it can get funky. but be careful.
    PYX – Plenty of short interest, and moving up with the Cannabis stocks. Room to about $24 with Volume.
    COLD – If volume comes in could keep pushing. All clean air above.
    ZYNE – In Gap, could move over 10
    RIG – Keep an eye on oil and gas, if not red, then this might move over $10
    CRZO – Also Oil and Gas play
    GNC – I would like to see bounce of double bottom, might be a Wednesday play.
    LYFT – Got several upgrades
    TWTR – Large growth in users, up in pre-market. Watch for it to settle.
    QCOM – keeps pushing and pushing. The future is bright for this with 5G coming.
    Bitcoin Play RIOT and MARA

    MAC – Might drop harder, plenty of downgrades and insider selling. If $40 breaks, might see $36.
    SKX – Would like to see $29.50 break with volume with room to 28.
    TSLA – Down Pre-market, close at lows yesterday. With earnings coming and everyone expecting weak earnings, this could continue down.
    IIPR – breaking channel, might be overbought.
    SWM STNE ACER & SKX – from yesterday’s list, might want some more downside.

    Watching URBN, might want to bounce, or test double bottom.

    Earning today:

    YOLO the new Cannabis ETF:

    And another big moving Biotech does an offering… MBRX – Moleculin Biotech Announces $15.0 Million Registered Direct Offering 9,375,000 units at a public offering price of $1.60 per unit in a registered direct offering.

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    CGC and PYX went red, YOLO the New Cannabis index closed Green by .28%
    COLD green by 1.15%, no large volume.
    ZYNE green by 4%
    RIG and CRZO slightly green, might watch tomorrow.
    LYFT was up and down all day, closed .94% red
    TWTR QCOM RIOT and MARA had very nice days!

    MAC was green by 2%
    SKX moved $.12 to the green, might watch tomorrow.
    TSLA dropped off the start and pulled up sharply, then mostly sideways.
    IIPR Was green by 4%
    SWM was green
    STNE closed Red 3.5%
    ACER down 2.5%
    SKX up $.12 for .4% green
    Opened low and pulled up, closed up $.23 for .79%

    The Markets went green and pushed to highs. They did not turn today as normal. But feel very heavy. We might have one more green day and then a pullback.

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