Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for April 25, 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for April 25, 2019

    These Market are pretty high… Resistance for the SPY seems to be 293.94, will it test it?

    Here are a few of the watchlist stocks:

    CWK – Watch for breakout, at triple top, but needs volume to come in.
    GES – Again on watch, volume in picking up and would like to see over $20.
    SFLY – Heavy volume came in, Could get a move to $45 range
    ZGNX – Could start to move to the $40 range
    CNSL – could see a bounce off this low level as it has before.

    EXEL – Took out the previous day green candle, could continue lower.
    BA – Boeing said “new guidance will be issued at a future date” because of “the uncertainty of timing and conditions” for when the 737 Max planes will return to flight. This could cause Instutional investors to cut their position and push price lower.

    TSLA – Oh Tesla… Horrible earnings, but they did reiterate future guidance. It’s gonna be volatile but it might give a direction to the upside. Watch for news.
    FB announce nice growth in users, and moved big after-hours. Just on watch to see if trend sets-up.
    XLNX – Announce good earnings and fell hard in after-hours, stock price seemed to have been overbought and corrected. Might be more downside or reversal, watch for trend to set up.
    With Facebook moving, watch TWTR and SNAP.

    Earnings today:

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    CWK had a decent day, not worth playing
    GES Moved up nicely, then sold off quick
    SFLY sold off about 1.8%
    ZGNX small move up, might be curling.
    CNSL no bounce, just plummeted.

    EXEL did continue lower for about 3.4% drop
    BA Started to sell off early, then made a monster move up!
    TSLA just ouch!
    XLNX – Prefect drop.
    TWTR Ran up on the open, then sold off just as FB did.
    SNAP just sold off

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