Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for April 29th 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for April 29th 2019

    AN – Would like to see volume for a push to about $45. Increasing volume after earning report
    CGC – Looks very interesting with increased volume and everyone talking about it. If this gets going, it can rip to highs.
    PYX – If the Cannabis sector moves, this could get a move over $24.
    DBX – Would like to see a push to mid $25, but can get over $26 – Earnings May 9th
    ENPH – Like, but might be more of a slow mover, trending up. Semiconductor for Solar business.
    XLNX – Dropped on good earnings, would like to see if it want to move to $22 range.
    GE – Maybe has another .50 in it. Steady and slow trader. Safe play
    ALB – Bouced of support, could continue. Might be a little early.

    FET – If and only if Oil prices drop, this might move up.

    HTH – Might be a bit overbought, popped and dropped Friday. Had similar chart 1/26/18 and sold off.

    Just keeping an eye
    ROKU – Some insider selling Friday…
    TWTR – I have a feeling that this has some room to the upside. Everyone talks about twitter all the time.
    BA – Do you know anyone who is ok with getting into a Boeing plane? I think the bad publicity will cost them…
    TSLA – Who knows… if it falls it’s a landslide, if it holds, well it might just hold.

    PreMarket Movers:
    PRPO +61%
    INNT +17%
    MOMO -9%

    Today’s Earnings:

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