Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for May 1, 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for May 1, 2019

    AAPL had good earnings, I didn’t think they would, but they pulled it off. Will push the SPY higher and some other stocks as well as this market continues to push and push some more.

    AXGN – Volume came in and pushed into gap, with volume could move over $25
    BGS – Increasing volume, could push into 26.63, if over room to 27
    TNDM – Good earring sand raised guidance. Looks pretty to 72+
    STX – Beat earnings, closed at high, could want 51+
    XLNX – Like this into the 126 range.

    BYD – Seems to be selling off, could continue to 27 or lower. (its first resistance is at 28 then 27.82 then 26.98)
    CHGG – Room down to 34, closed low with heavy sell volume – careful, history shows it bounces.
    HRTX – 52 week low with heavy selling, could push to 18’s – as I was writing this, they got a CRL (Complete response letter) For HTX-011 For The Management Of Postoperative Pain – Too much of a move in Pre-market.
    MAC – selling volume, several year low, with upcoming earnings. Might sell off more

    Jut Watching
    CAH – Room to 50
    GES – Possible swing to close gap
    LL – Cold get a pullback today before it starts to consolidate.
    SGMS – I like the chart, but not sure when they are having earnings, looks like today.
    CLR – Could push down to about 40 or so
    RGEN – could go below 64
    PINS – Ended red yesterday, could continue lower or bounce.

    Volatile watching:
    TSLA – I’ve been in and out several times for good daily income.
    SHOP – Big move yesterday, could continue, but might give back a few bucks.

    Earnings today:
    Biotech Catalyst from Calendar:
    ALDX reports Phase 2 –
    BOLD reports Phase1/2 data at ASGCT –
    Help us out, Submit a Catalyst to the Calendar –

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    Also would like to add XLNX (from previous watchlist) – Like it to about $126.


    HRTX will open gap down with the CRL news. No longer interesting as it’s pushed down hard already in pre-market.

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