Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for May 10, 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for May 10, 2019

    No China-US deal, and tariffs went into effect. That doesn’t mean something can’t happen today, and most likely we will get a few tweets with updates on the ongoing negotiations. Markets will be volatile, I would be in and out very quick on trades and definitely make sure I have stop losses in place or trailing stops on any day trade.
    Just be careful – if there is a deal then HUGE upside possible, if no deal the HUGE downside possible!

    UBER is set to IPO today, i’m not interested, but some people might.

    Bullish Watch:
    GPRO – has had a few good days and yesterday volume increased quite a bit after their earnings. It might want to test the upper 7’s.
    ENR – Tested lows yesterday and bounce, let’s see if it continues back up and test the 45 range.
    FL – Volume has been coming in, could eventually test 60’s range and push into earnings.
    NKTR – got volume and move on earnings, could continue and start to squeeze with a 9.8% short.
    VERI – Would like to see if this gets over 8 for push to 10 (11.7 Short)
    JD – Upgrade and moving pre-market.

    Bearish Watch:
    MEET – drops on earnings, could have room to lower $4’s
    PBYI and SYMC – Big drop in pre-market

    KTOS – let’s see if continues
    ROKU – Could continue
    SEAS – Could pull back some, but just want to watch.
    TEAM – Broke out yesterday with volume
    INTC – Below 45.80 and it gets very interesting. I still think big holders and institutions are selling
    BA – Another where I think big holders and institutions are selling. But volatile and Chine news can give it a pop.
    BABA – Might be a little oversold, good news on trade talks and this can run hard.

    Word of the day is BE CAREFUL!!! Any News can give HUGE moves in the markets. Most likely some news will come!

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