Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for May 7, 2019

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    Morning Stock Prep – Watchlist for May 7, 2019

    It’s hard to be confident with any trades in this type of market, so much going on. China talks, Iran escalation, EU economy… CASH IS GOOD POSITION… It’s one of those days to go small, look for good solid setups with volume and trend, I would not try to be a hero and look for bottom reversals.

    Protect capital – any news can make big moves in the market.

    COTY – Nice move and volume yesterday, maybe 13 today
    CYTK – Nice move and volume yesterday, maybe a move to 10+
    DK – In channel, nice move and volume yesterday could want 40
    IMGN – Move into gap with volume, could want to close in the high 4’s
    ZUO – Over 23 could push to high 23 range.
    ZYNE – Looks strong and could push, double top forming, if it breaks could go 13-14
    SGRY – growing volume with full green candle can go from 11.26 to 12
    ANTM – could decide to trade sideways but if it continued can go from 268-279
    CERS– not a huge move but has room if can get over 6.64 to 6.80 or more
    MNTA– growing volume another full green day. could see 15-15.60
    VHC had a breakout yesterday. if continues and gets over 7.06 you have a nice GAP to fill
    TEUM has a play. Nice growing candle full bar. first stop 5.49-5.75-5.93- then GAP to 7.27 no resistance 5yr

    ACIA can see 54.73 about a dollar move to the downside full red bar yesterday
    AXSM – On top of channel, break or fall?
    AUDC I see a nice bearish flag going. Candle yesterday ended low can see that drop 14.72-13.71

    Pre-Market Moves:


    Earnings today:

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