Alleged leaked email sent by Elon Musk to Tesla employees.

The following is the text of the leaked email reportedly sent by Elon Musk to Tesla employees.

From: Elon Musk

Date: Wed 5/22/2019 10:45 PM

To: Everybody

As of yesterday, we had over 50,000 net new orders for this quarter. Based on current trends, we have a good chance of exceeding the record 90,700 deliveries of Q4 last year and making this the highest deliveries/sales quarter in Tesla history!

In order to achieve this, we need sustained output of 1,000 Model 3’s per day. Almost all parts of the Model 3 production system have exceeded 1000 units on multiple days (congratulations!!) and we’ve averaged about 900/day this week, so we’re only about 10% away from 7000/week.

If we rally hard, we can do it!

Thanks for your great work,


Tesla TSLA Elon Must Email to Employees

Could it be… possibly… That since Elon Musk can’t use twitter to promote his TSLA, he is now using company email knowing that his email will leak out? Could this be Elon’s new way to move his stock price…

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    Elon is a genius… He can’t tweet so he emails knowing it will leak..

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