Best Stocks for Daytrading Options

These are some of the stocks that I think are the best stocks for daytrading options. If you have other stock you think are good for daytrading options, leave a comment below.

The $SPY you can play based on market sentiment.

Oh $TSLA … Loved and Hated. But it moves intraday and normally keeps a pattern.

$AAPL is one that tends to move not too fast but just enough.

I’ve Noticed that $BABA used to be a bit easier to play, because it normally starts in one direction then about 30 minutes in reverses and used to keep pattern rest of the day.

$QQQ stock option another one that moves on market sentiment.

$FB generally gives decent moves and stay on pattern.

$BA lately has made big moves intraday, and generally pretty easy to read.

$TWTR is also a daytrading options stock that moves decently slow and easy to play, just keep a trail and let it do what it does.

$AMD tends to move up and down, up and down… but easy to play intraday.

Can honestly day I haven’t daytraded $SQ stock options much, but when I have it’s been pretty easy to read.

$QCOM is normally easy to read, just not the first hour.

$X is one that if it gets a decent move up or down, will normally reverse half way through the day.

If you have any other suggestions for good stocks for daytrading, leave in the comments below.

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