Who is your Favorite Stocks Trading Trainer, Mentor, Guru?

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We all know there are several different stocks trading trainer, mentors and gurus out there. They all want your business, and they all want to help you be independently wealthy and successful. But who is the best, who is the worst.

We all see them on the ads, we get their emails, some even send out a watchlist once in a while.

Do you even need a stocks trainer?

If you are new, getting started or in the beginning stages on your stocks trading venture. Well it might be a good idea to have someone help teach you how to start trading stocks. Sure youtube does have some decent videos, but there is alot more to trading than watching a few videos.

What about chat rooms…

What are some good stocks chatrooms to join. Are there any good free ones?

If you have some experience with some stocks trainer, mentors, gurus or chatrooms; share the information below so others can have heads up.

1 thought on “Who is your Favorite Stocks Trading Trainer, Mentor, Guru?

  1. I’ve tried a few of the stock trainers and chatrooms, and found that each have a little bit of information that you can gain. Each has a different tactics and charts they look at. I think the best way is to find your way of trading, then find someone who has a similar trading style. There are tons of video on youtube that have quality content and are free. There even a few chatrooms that free too, but most of the free one without moderators are worthless.

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